Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us and it appears other online retailers are trying to capitalize on the Prime Day buzz. Rival eBay has started releasing a bunch of teaser ads urging users to check its website for the best deals.

In one of the ads, eBay takes a subtle hit at Amazon showing a male a news anchor who looks rather annoyed. A voiceover follows after that which says “You thought you had a prime deal, but did you check eBay?“.

eBay’s Chief Marketing Officer for North America, Suzy Deering, stated that Amazon Prime Day does stimulate the online shopping scene and ‘markets across the board during this week‘. And seeing this intense interest from customers, Deering said these new 15 second spots will appear on TV, cinemas, along with social and digital media.

Even other online retailers have jumped onto the bandwagon to get a piece of Prime Day action. The likes of BestBuy and Walmart are now offering attractive deals on electronics and home appliances. For instance, Amazon Echo is now selling at half of its regular price, for $89.99.

Sources also reveal major e-commerce players saw a 15 percent rise on Prime Day last year, which excludes Amazon. In addition, it was also reported that the number of transactions during the Prime Day period increased by 45 percent.

In the meantime, below is a list of some of the lucrative Amazon Prime Day deals you can look forward to.

The Amazon Echo is now selling at $134.99, which is $30 less than its original price of $164.99. That said, Amazon is offering a ‘Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo’. Now that doesn’t make it completely brand new, but should be as good as a new one.

The newly launched Amazon Echo Show has also been included in the Prime day sales. Members who buy two of these smart speakers are entitled to a discount of $100, making it quite an attractive deal.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gets a discount of $20, which is currently selling at $89.99 compared to its regular price of $109.99. However, instead of a brand new device, what you get is a Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, the Kindle Unlimited plan can be grabbed for as low as $44.99 to $143.99 The same typically costs $59.94 to $239.76.