OnePlus just has revealed when and where the OnePlus 6 would be properly announced, which is on Wednesday 16th May in London.

The title of the event is “Speed You Need,” which gives a clue as to what to expect from the phone, though there are plenty of things that have been already heard about the phone, starting from the material chosen for the back of the phone to the powerful processor under the hood. 16th May would be the initial chance for the would-be customers to try it out.

To a question about the company’s ambitions for the sales, the Co-founder and Head of Global at OnePlus, Carl Pei said, “We have a strategy of cautious growth when it comes to sales, but our primary focus is not on sales. First and foremost, we want to deliver the best possible smartphone to our users – if we succeed with that, everything else will follow.” He further added, “In the first few months of 2018 we’ve already announced new network and retailer partnerships, and we have more on the way – we choose these very carefully as they have to make sense for our users and align with our values.”

Replying to a query about where the OnePlus would go next in the States, Pei said, “We’re constantly looking at partnerships and technology which allow us to grow our potential and make OnePlus as accessible as possible. I can’t comment on what we have lined up in the US, but I think our users there will be really happy in the future.”

The OnePlus phone’s design has been one of the very attractive things about the company. Pei is tight-lipped regarding the hardware that would properly be revealed in May but he agrees on the fact that the OnePlus design is something, which the company takes pride in, even down to the side switch known as the Alert Slider.

While the other phones, such as the iPhone, for an instance, have a two-position sliding switch for turning the ringer on or off, the side switch on the OnePlus 5 slides up and down through three positions, giving more versatility.

So, the users could set it to Do Not Disturb, Ring, and Silent. All the three have levels of customization beyond this, so Do Not Disturb extends choices in between ringing when the contacts call, or only for the favorites. There exist more options than this also, and Pei said, “Our Alert Slider is another great example of our design philosophy – it’s a relatively small feature but it can make a big impact on your life, giving you the chance to change your focus instantly and easily.”

“The Speed You Need” worldwide launch of the OnePlus 6 is a ticketed event that would take place in London at 5 PM on 16th May. The company said that it would be the biggest OnePlus Community event yet. The ticket prices start at $21 for an Early Bird ticket, available now until 12noon Pacific, 3 PM Eastern, 8 PM UK time on Friday 27th April. After that, the cost rises to $41 with Plus One tickets available at $27 each.