The next smartphone of OnePlus is close at hand and with the launch just around the corner, there is a lot to know regarding it. Most of the information that has surfaced about the OnePlus 6 so far has not been confirmed, but chances are that some of the information is correct, and it would not be very long before the phone officially is announced that would then lead to the outing of all of its details.

Until a week ago, there was not much to go on in terms of the announcement of the release date for OnePlus’s upcoming phone, but back on 9th April, a rumor surfaced that suggested that the OnePlus 6 would be launching on 5th May in China.

When it comes to the design, the largest element or at least the one, which is likely to get most of the attention, is probably the notch. The term indicates an area at the top of the screen that houses the front-facing camera sensor and the earpiece. The cutout was initially debuted on the iPhone X and then the other Android manufacturers since have followed. OnePlus is one of those manufacturers. Initially, the OnePlus 6 notch just was a rumor, but over the past couple of weeks, Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, confirmed officially that the device would arrive with such a cutout, and both before his confirmation and after it, renders and leaked images had surfaced portraying that a notch was present. Apart from the notches, there are also other notable parts of the OnePlus 6 design to pay attention to.

OnePlus is well-known for making its phones a bit differently. Initially, there was the Sandstone back of the OnePlus One, then came the use of ceramic, and eventually came the use of wood for the replaceable back covers, though OnePlus hardly would be the first OEM to use wood for the backing of a handset. A recently leaked picture of the OnePlus 6 suggests that it could come in variant offers of a wood back. It is even possible that the device would possess wooded Style Swap covers and the leaked pictures just happen to show one of them, either way, it would seem that the OnePlus 6 would have wood options available for the consumers in one way or another. It even appears like the device would keep the 3.5mm audio port which seems to be there on the bottom next to the USB Type-C charging and data transfer port, and the handset has dual rear cameras and a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. Reportedly, there is also going to be a special Infinity War edition of the OnePlus 6 arriving probably in celebration of the movie that releases in the current month.

The OnePlus phone would be competitively priced. It is likely to be around 500 dollars to 600 dollars in the U.S. that would keep it close to the cost of the last couple of OnePlus devices. The recent rumors have pegged the OnePlus 6 as coming at a cost of 3,799 yuan for the 128GB model to China, whereas the 256GB model is rumored to be priced at 4,399 yuan.