The launch of new flagship smartphone was confirmed by CEO Pete Lau during the month of January. The nameless device was given a wide range of launch window during the Q2 2018. If we look at the evidence then it is believed that OnePlus 6 could be launch sooner.

The OnePlus 5T handset shows “out of stock” in US markets. It shows that for most of the customers the delay of getting this handset will happen and it is informed by manufactures. OnePlus generally work with the slightly different beat and when the planned number of handsets is complete, that’s it. Before the launch of the next model OnePlus want to clear all the old stock so that the factory will be offering guaranteed numbers for managing the supply chain which forces OnePlus into constant evolution for further generation.

This means that the fans will be knowing that there is something better around the corner which might possess a hindrance to the sales. It means that the constant refreshing of models and bringing out special editions will bring fashion and it looks at a bigger part of the smartphone cycle.

OnePlus has confirmed that the model for North America is not only out of sale but also there will be no more 5T models up for sale. The target which has been fixed for the model has achieved and this is the right time to enter a new model to rock the market.

The model may have a display with fashion accessory du jour. It will have a processor with SnapDragon 845 system on a chip. The storage of the phone is said to be about 128GB with 6GB RAM. It has a USB-C with OnePlus Dash Charge for rapid charging. It also has an improved version of facial recognition for unlocking the device.