OnePlus has announced its first flagship of the year, the OnePlus 5 stands discontinued from here onwards. The company didn’t offer any explanation for the same except that it wishes to focus entirely on the recently launched OnePlus 5T instead, Indian Express reported. .

That again does make for a wise decision given the rather dated looks the OnePlus 5 sported. The phone also left a lot to be desired with the rear camera performance leaving the overall performance of the device as the only biggest USP of the device. Of course there is a price aspect as well given that the OnePlus 5 also offered almost all that flagships did but at just about half the cost.

But then again, the Chinese manufacturer came up with the OnePlus 5T that came across as a more contemporary smartphone, one that is so 2017 in its looks, design and feel. The biggest change is the display which has come to dominate the front for good. Bezels along the sides are almost non-existent while the same along the top and bottom have been reduced to just the bare minimum.

Of course the proverbial home button is the first casualty of such a design makeover though none is complaining about that. With the home button gone, the fingerprint sensor has also been shifted to the rear, which happens to be the other significant change with the 5T. The display also conforms to the 18:9 aspect ratio that has emerged as the de-facto standard for 2017 flagship devices.

The other important change with the OnePlus 5T happens to be the camera where the dual rear cam includes a telephoto lens and a low light sensor. This happens to be a departure from the usual norm as seen with most other smartphone camera setup which includes a wide angle and telephoto lens combo for the primary rear cam.

Meanwhile, this also isn’t the first time that OnePlus has chosen to discontinue its first flagship of the year as the practice was also followed with the OnePlus 3 as well. OnePlus 3 was discontinued soon after its successor, the OnePlus 3T was launched. That would likely make buyers of the OnePlus 6 jittery as they too perhaps run the risk of being left with a phone that would be superseded within just months.

The difference between the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T is also significant enough to make any of the OnePlus 5 buyers to rue having missed out on the 5T. What’s more, the 5T comes for the same price as its predecessor.

So while it is good to see OnePlus launching a phone as gorgeous and capable as the 5T, future buyers will no doubt think twice before buying its next flagship.