One of the coolest SGDQ 2022 tournaments was just a lie

Raiden breaks through lies in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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In a week full of cool live fast cars in The Summer Games are quickly completed 2022a one-hour theatrical performance from Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Heads still turning. It was the most amazing apparition, which was unlocked through community donations: a frantic race through the game Blade Wolf A DLC campaign that ended up setting a whole new world record. Or at least it would have happened, had it been real. Instead, a few days later, the sprinter behind him admitted that he faked it using a pre-recorded video collecting his best times from previous laps.

sprint culture Incredibly online, players exchange strategies on forums, broadcast their workouts and attempts to set world records live from around the world, and later upload their best times to record keeping sites like One of the things that make annual events like SGDQ is that some of the most talented players behind all the different genres of games get together in person and showcase their careers live to fans and casual viewers alike. In this context, breaking records is a rarity, and it is even more special because of it. On the other hand, replacing pre-recorded footage with live attempts is sacrilege. But that’s exactly what the sprinter who goes to Mekarazium admitted to doing last week.

“The Blade Wolf DLC The stimulus run that people paid for is a pre-recorded fragmented run,” Speedrunner He told an SGDQ representative on Discord during the Weekend. “I didn’t mention it anywhere, not during the application process or the email I sent to the committee. The run was supposed to be in real time, but I changed my mind at the last minute after switching tackles.”

Mekarazium, which was remote streaming the event on June 30, pointed out some differences between the NG+ Hard playthrough, which was live, and the bounty show that edited several perfect partial courses of downloadable content. for one, Blade Wolf No keyboard or mouse sounds were made while the campaign was running. Checkpoints also not fully lined up, as well PC games mentionedSome viewers also noticed after the fact that the in-game camera was still moving at some point even after Mekarazium removed his right hand from the mouse.

قال لـ GDQ: “لقد فعلت شيئًا سيئًا فعليًا ولا ينبغي أن أفعل هذا في الحدث”.

لكن لماذا فعل ذلك يبقى من الصعب معرفة ذلك. running his SGDQ It ended with a rambling speech condemning the leaderboards for monopolizing much of the sprint communities’ prestige and interest. He also seemed to want to prove that more players should focus on exploring and crafting unique sprint tactics rather than just chasing new world records.

“I feel empty and turbulent, I was denied a last epiphany and entered the stage,” Mekarazium said towards the end of his SGDQ appearance, quoting “This Godless Endeavor” from the ’90s heavy metal band Nevermore.

As a result of the adventure, GDQ removed the playback of Mekarazium from its YouTube channel and told him Kotaku He was banned from performing at this event in the future.

“This is totally unacceptable and attempts to undermine the integrity of the sprint community we love and support,” a GDQ spokesperson wrote in an email. “The exact outcome they wanted was not clear from the document, but they clearly thought we wouldn’t be willing to speak publicly about their behavior. However, we believe it is in the community’s best interest to know why the GDQ removed this run.”

In his original letter to GDQ, and in a follow-up reply to Kotaku, Mekarazium said he made the decision to switch to a pre-recorded segmenter run in part because his NG + Speedrun in the base game went well and wanted to finish it off with a more impressive look. “The next round should have been higher in quality, which is going to be a great final,” he said via Discord.

Mekarazium exits SGDQ 2022 with a strange speech.

to open a file Blade Wolf After the DLC played, SGDQ viewers had to collectively donate $25,000 to Doctors Without Borders during the base game’s sprint race, and so they did, with hundreds contributing. What they got in return was impressive in theory – the race came in at 6:55.7, which is 25 seconds short of Previous world record Prepared by Mekarazium – but it was not the live performance that they paid for, without anyone in the audience knowing at the time. cheer up. Macarzium pretended to be surprised, “Holy shit,” when he announced his time.

“Truth, this was ridiculous,” says Micarazium now on the topic of deceiving people who donated. But he doesn’t seem to feel the same about the rest of the trick, and instead claims that its deeper meaning is some kind of “puzzle to solve”.

“That’s sarcasm,” said Makarzium. Kotaku. “[A] sarcasm for everyone who watches sprint events and hasn’t asked yourself a few questions.” He criticized content creators for taking advantage of the sprinters’ work in exchange for free publicity, and criticized GDC for putting its “brand needs” ahead of the community’s “passion”, saying the event would “significantly affect their image.” To remove ‘one of the highly rated races that has been well received by all’.

“People will focus on the fact ‘Oh my God he cheated,’ not on the sheer amount of preparations that have been made to ensure that. [the] The run will go well, and the split run will go unnoticed.”

The interpretation of Mekarazium is getting more ambiguous from there. “If you want to see some things change, there is always [a] A price to pay.” “I am paying the price for my reputation as a marathon runner, speed rider, commentator and someone who is very passionate about making others think of the things you are willing to do in the name of said passion. Until others change their mind about sprinting as a whole.” He declined to go into more detail.

The sprint runner admitted that he was also sleep-deprived at the time of his performance, due to scheduling delays. Whatever his true motives, he seems to know that his antics will eventually come to light and get him banned when the credits rolled out last week. “We will never meet again I guess, some people just want to watch this world burn,” Mekarazium said at the end of his SGDQ appearance. “Good night, there will be more hateful nights.”

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