Oculus Rift gets another price cut, as the Rift headset + Touch bundle now drops to $400. The move comes as Oculus aims to make VR technology accessible to everyone and boost sales of its VR headgear.

In its quest to make virtual reality more affordable, the company also announced the new Oculus Go VR headset on Wednesday.

Priced at $199, Oculus Go is a standalone headset that doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or a PC. Its supposedly lighter than the Gear VR headset from Samsung. Its also more compact than the Rift. The idea behind Oculus Go is to make VR more convenient and hassle-free, with none of the bulk we’re used to in most current-gen VR headsets.

To recall, the Oculus Rift along with its optional Oculus Touch controllers cost a whopping $800 at the beginning of this year. Though back in March, Facebook reduced the price of the Oculus Rift bundle from $798 to $598. And now, the Oculus Rift plus Oculus Touch controllers cost just $400, which makes it a hefty 50 percent drop in a span of just 6-7 months.

It’s worth noting that after this permanent price drop, the Oculus Rift will be available at the same price point as Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

Sony has made a rather sold start in the VR space, selling nearly one million units of its PS VR headset in a span of three months, following its release last year. This makes the PS VR one of the more popular headsets in the market. In quite a stark contrast, Facebook-owned Oculus reportedly only managed to sell around 250,000 headsets last year.

VR companies are try hard to make this fairly new technology more affordable. Apart from Oculus, even HTC was selling its flagship Vive VR headset and motion controllers for roughly $800 at the beginning of this calendar year.

However, both have announced massive price cuts for their proprietary VR headgear. Even HTC dropped prices of its Vive headset from $800 to $600, which makes it a chunky a $200 price cut. And from now onwards, Oculus Rift will retail at $399, nearly half of its original price at the beginning of 2017.