The latest VR hardware by Oculus is Oculus Go which is about to hit the market. It seems to be a good move by a company with hardware improvements to the existing products in the package with better performance and low cost. Virtual reality is now a tired topic for the consumers but tech companies are getting better with each new product.

Oculus Go can be turned on when we will push the power button.  Other gears like Rift or Gear VR needs setup every time if you want to use them. Oculus is not like them and the gear don’t need to be setup every time with the updates needed to install or the apps you need to click in order to use it. It is a very simple gear and it is less labor intensive.

The Oculus Go VR is of more high quality than the Rift. Oculus Go is more comfortable than the Google’s Daydream View headset which makes you feel like wearing a tight sweater on your face. The fabric that is used in Oculus Go is spongey and breathable. The fabric gets fit around the glasses which is the best thing from Oculus.

The display of Oculus Go VR is sharp and the lens that is present in Oculus Go is best of its kind.  The sound quality of the device cannot be determined properly as the Game Developers Conference make a low roar when demoing in private rooms. The stereo speakers which are placed next to the year seems like a headphones fallback options and it can deliver audio which is not loud or crisp.the headset is not too heavy and the straps are well balanced on the head. The cost of the Oculus Go VR is $199 and at this price, it is expected that Oculus may make a good sale.