The list of issues with the Pixel 2 XL just got longer with one user reporting the phone is taking longer to charge than what is being claimed by the device marketing team. Among the many features that Google is trumpeting about its new Pixel 2 duo happens to their fast charging attribute.

However, as one user by the name Nathan K has reported, his Pixel 2 XL is taking about 2 hrs and 30 mins to recharge from a base 15 percent charge. Nathan further added that the phone is topping out at 10.5W even though the supplied charger is capable of outputting 18W.

Nathan also stated the charging process is far from being linear as the power drop below 10.5W once the battery acquires 65 percent charge. This only stretches the charging time all the more. Nathan wrote this could be a way for LG and Google to enhance battery longevity and prevent degradation, something that was there to be seen on the Nexus 6P.

The above explanation, if true, is again not a bad thing though buyers could still object to the company using the term fast charging to promote the Pixel 2 range. It is not known though if the smaller Pixel 2 is also suffering from the slow charging problem.

Meanwhile, in yet another instance of sloppy production standards, some Pixel 2 Xl owners reported having got the device sans the Android operating system. That makes for a mighty lapse for a company whose sole purpose behind launching the Pixel 2 handset is to promote the Android platform in the first place.

Google responded to the development saying it will replace those handsets that have been shipped without the OS. At the same time, the Mountain View company stated they would be taking steps to prevent a recurrence of the same. Interestingly, most of the issues with the Pixel 2 range seem to be centered around the larger Pixel 2 XL. The phone has already been associated with a few other issues such as screen burn-in, a lack-lustre overall display along with sound problems.