The Galaxy Note 8 is setting sales chart on fire in Korea. This should be of immense relief to Samsung given how Note 7 devices itself were catching fire. And to back the solid start that Note 8 has made in Korea with actual figure, here it is: pre-orders for the device in South Korea alone has crossed the 850,000 figure mark.

Samsung though is yet to confirm the figure, nor did they come up with any official sales figure for the Note 8 so far. However, Korea Herald that first broke the story claims to have got the tip from someone right within Samsung, which somewhat makes the story seem a bit more credible.

In fact, the pre-order figure will seem much more impressive compared to the rather puny 380,000 pre-orders that the Note 7 managed to garner during the 13 day period that the Note 7 was up for pre-order. In contrast, the Note 8 managed to go past the 850,000 mark in just a week, having been on pre-order from Sept. 7 to 14.

Meanwhile, Samsung did share some info as what Note 8 configuration buyers seem to have an overwhelming preference for. It is the 64 GB version that the majority, or 65 percent to be precise, have placed their orders for, while the remaining 35 percent having opted for the 256 GB model. As for the choice of colors, it is the black version that again seems to be the most preferred one, with the blue colored model coming in at second.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom, the biggest telecom firm operating in that country has some more info to share about the pre-order pattern. According to the carrier, about 40 percent of the pre-orders it received were from the 30-something group. Further, around half of the orders, or 48 percent came from those who already owned Note devices. SK Telecom also stated that 57 percent order were for the 256 GB version of the Note 8.

Among Note 8 competitors, the LG V30 too is now on pre-order in the country and will last a week. The Apple iPhone again will not be available in the country before at least November, which makes for a solid lead for the Note 8 so far.