Nokia’s upcoming new flagship, the Nokia 9 has just won the mandatory FCC certification needed for it to be launched in the US, paving the way for its eventual release sometime soon. A visit to the FCC also means an early glimpse of the key specs the device will come with, something that equally applies to the Nokia 9 as well.

Among the things that the FCC documentation has revealed of the Nokia 9 is that it will come with a Snapdragon 835 heart at its core. This again is rather disappointing given that its successor, the Snapdragon 845 is already hitting headlines and is likely to be the processor of choice for most 2018 flagships, if not all. In contrast, SD 835 for the Nokia 9 can be a bummer right from the start; more so when Qualcomm is pitching the SD 845 as the fastest chip it has ever produced.

Coming to the other details, the flagship phone will have a 5.5-inch OLED panel this time. This can however be considered a nice improvement over the LCD panels that the erstwhile Nokia phone have come with and puts the device in good stead vis-a-vis its competitors. Notably, the iPhone X too have upgraded to OLED for the first time while most other Android flagships such as the Galaxy S8 have long upgraded to OLED, or POLED as in the case of the LG G6 or V30.

Further, a generous 128 GB is being associated with the Nokia 9 though that likely will be for the top-end version. Any ways, more storage is always welcome though there is no word on how much of RAM the phone will pack in. The latter would be crucial given how the latest flagship phones have come to flaunt their memory strength, with the new OnePlus 5T boasting an 8 GB RAM, the highest for any mobile device ever.

Among the rest of the specs that has come to the fore include a dual rear camera which includes a 12- and 13-megapixel sensor. Similarly, there will be a 5-megapixel shooter upfront though that sure leaves room for a bigger sensor to be desired. Running the entire show will be a 3250 mAh battery as well, which will support 18W fast charging as well.

The FCC docs further reveal the Nokia 9 to have TA-1005 as its model number while Avatar is its codename. As for its launch, this will no doubt happen sometime in early 2018 though there is no surety it will launch at all. And given the outdated specs the phone has been found to come with, many perhaps will wish the device never gets launched as well. But just in case it does, a preview during the CES will be a surety for sure.