Though the actual release date of The Kingdom Hearts III has not still been revealed, yet the people have learned everything about its mini-games that are inspired by the old Disney movies and the LCD games from the ’80s. They have the players thinking of the Nintendo’s Game & Watch series, though the things that they have seen so far seem more like that of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.

Kingdom Hearts III makes sure to take the people back to its Disney-inspired, colorful worlds sometime in the year 2018 on Xbox One and PS4, and the minigames would be playable in both the Kingdom Hearts III itself and the smartphone game Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross.

Shenmue 1 and 2 both are getting released as a collection set to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC later in the current year. Its pricing details and release dates have not been revealed yet, but it is not known that it would include features such as the fully scalable resolutions, English and Japanese voiceovers, modern and classic control schemes, and much more. It would be made available both at the retail and in the digital stores.

The last PS4 update appeared to be a small one for the stability and minor system enhancements; however, it seems that the data of the EU users is being collected. The European PS4 owners were greeted with the message that Sony might collect the data regarding this PS4 and as to how it is used, upon booting up. It is not actually clear if the data was collected earlier, though the agreement is new.

Patrick Soderlund, the new chief design officer of EA has promised not to repeat the loot box issues of Star Wars Battlefront 2. He discussed as to how it had an effect on the EA as a company and as to how changing the progression in the Star Wars shooter actually worked out for them.

There may be something known as a bad news for the people hoping to see more of Biomutant or Darksiders III at E3 in the current year, though it might not be a bad news for the publisher THQ Nordic. The company has made an announcement that despite attending the gaming convention in the month of June, it would rather stay at home, drink some beer, and watch the World Cup. The people would have to wait for a few months more in order to witness any more of either game or the rest of the catalog of the publisher, as it makes plans to get its games to future conventions.

The actual release date of the Persona 5: Dancing Star Night is set for 24th May in Japan, and it would feature DLC for Yakuza-themed costumes. Of course, the fans and the enthusiasts have got the protagonist as Kazuma Kiryu, Ann as the Construction Majima, and best boy Ryuji as… well, Ryuji Goda. However, unfortunately, there still is no planned release date for the West.

That is what the enthusiasts would find in that episode.