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No abortion, but Miley – Two big surprises at the G7 summit


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Host Giorgia Meloni has some big surprises for the G7 summit, which starts today in Italy. Not only was the right to abortion removed from the agenda, but some star guests from outside the G7 also announced their presence – like Argentina’s President Millay and the Pope.

Giorgia Meloni seems to be doing something right: not only was she overwhelmingly confirmed in the European elections – in contrast to her colleagues Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes – she managed to win many rabbits at the G7 summit that started today in beautiful Apulia. To pull things out of the hat that no one would expect.

Last year was in the G7 Hiroshima Declaration We need unfettered access to abortion. But ahead of this year’s meeting, the hosts decided to remove the related item from the agenda. International media cited sources from the G7 context as saying the move was due to Maloney’s intrusion.

G7 Summit in Italy

What Meloni wants from the EU

What seems like a sideshow before a conference again about financial aid for Ukraine, is actually an important step on key issues between progressives and conservatives. Country According to one senior European diplomat, he regretted that the wording on abortion had been weakened “quite extraordinary”. “It is the duty of the G7 to show leadership on these issues, not retreat from them.” Quoted Diplomats Spanish daily newspaper.

France and Canada in particular see the wording of abortion as a major concern, so Meloni’s decision can be seen as a shot across the bow of the French president, who is now the strongest man – or more precisely: the strongest woman – of Europe.

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Star Guests: Everything from Chainsaw Miley to Bricks Shack

But that’s not all, because the G7 summit will also feature several star guests who will once again underline the focus and global importance of the meeting. Above all, the arrival of Argentina’s brutal, President Javier Mili should be highlighted, as, like Meloni, despite the predictions of doom by some hardliners, he has already managed to achieve real political victories for his country. It’s no surprise that Milei wants to join the G7, especially since one of his first official acts was Argentina’s refusal to join BRICS.

However, as both Brazil and the Emirates are members, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Brazilian President Lula da Silva have also visited Apulia in several respects. The G7’s rivals, BRICS and Turkey, have expressed at least a cautious interest in joining the BRICS group.

It remains to be seen whether Meloni intends to use these calls to prevent the G7 from making maximum demands on the Ukraine issue, or whether they are intended to weaken the unity of the BRICS group. Perhaps the goal is to build diplomatic bridges? Or even all of these? A Meloni has already demonstrated on several occasions that he can achieve more for his country with opportunistic flexibility than brutal, hard-nosed policies.

The Pope is the cherry on the G7’s cake

In one of these moves, he managed to convince Pope Francis to give a lecture on the dangers of artificial intelligence at the G7 summit. Although the pope often acts as a mouthpiece for left-progressive agendas, Meloni and Francis share their skepticism about artificial intelligence. The pope’s appearance — incidentally the first at a multilateral summit — looks like a cautious approach, orchestrated by a head of state who emphasizes commonality rather than division. And thus indeed leads to a reconciliation, which is not reflected in the Pope’s now significantly weakened position on migration issues.

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Let the G7 circus begin, the seats are ready. It would be a huge surprise if Ringmaster Meloni didn’t come up with another surprise before the event ended. You might be excited.


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