“Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” for Switch has been rated by the ESRB

Image: Nintendo

After a rather blatant tease from the reliable leaker EuroA cross-classification has emerged ESRB For Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition for Nintendo Switch (Thanks, Stealth).

Described as a “combination of 2D challenges and platformers,” it is also noted that the game will likely feature in-game purchases. What exactly is unknown at the moment, but hopefully Nintendo will have an official announcement soon.

The official description from the ESRB reads:

“This is a collection of 2D challenges and platformers in which players navigate through different modes (e.g. speed racing and survival). Many of the challenges involve reaching specific points, while others push players to defeat small enemies or survive. Surviving short battles some games feature pixelated characters using small swords or arrows to strike enemies, usually getting them stunned or disappearing in a flash.

picture: ESRB

It sounds very similar to NES Remix, doesn’t it? There will no doubt be a greater focus on competitive play to replicate the atmosphere of the Nintendo World Championships of the past.

The last Nintendo World Championship was held in 2017, but the original 1990 event is undoubtedly the most famous. We’d honestly like to see it make a decent return, and perhaps this game is Nintendo’s way of testing the waters?

Or it could just be another “filler” title for 2024 until the Switch 2 drops. Either way, we’re ready for it.

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