Nintendo Switch users may be surprised to know that there’s a secret game in their console. The hidden game was stumbled upon accidentally by modders who found a copy of the classic 1984 NES game Golf hiding inside a system file labelled ‘flog’, which is essentially golf spelt backwards.

A modder who goes by alias Yellows8 claims that a secret copy of Golf is found inside every Nintendo Switch console, even on consoles running version 1.0. The modder further claims that the game not only works with old school D-Pad and buttons, but also recognizes Joy-Con motion controls.

That said, the modder also said that “it’s unknown what exactly triggers launching this title”. According to him, the game is hidden in an area of the console’s system software dedicated to NES emulation.

The flog emulator is likely to contain the full code for NES Golf, however, there’s no way of accessing the game apart from unofficial means. Now, this also suggests that other NES games might also be playable on Switch in the near future.

Nintendo has already confirmed that Switch virtual console will not be available at launch. In case you didn’t know, the popular Virtual console feature is a way to buy a wide array of Nintendo games, ranging from NES Classics and even cult titles from Nintendo 64.

The Virtual console library is already popular on the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, along with the Wii U. But for now, it appears Nintendo is holding the feature from its Switch console so that sales of its other consoles are not affected.

In other related news, Nintendo also announced a bunch of new games that’ll soon arrive on its Switch console. These include the likes of Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, along with classics such as Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Punch Out, and Super Mario Bros.