The Nintendo Switch has become a wildly popular console among gamers, however, the only thing probably going against the console is lack of sufficient supply to meet its hefty demand. Though, that could all change as Nintendo is reportedly planning to ramp up production of its Switch console for the upcoming holiday season.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the Japanese gaming giant is projecting it’ll be able to manufacture and ship 25-30 million Switch units in the next financial year, which starts in April 2018. The report further adds that the plan is still in its early stages, however, Nintendo may even increase that figure depending on the console’s sales during the holiday season.

To recall, the console was officially released on March 3, 2017 in the US for $299.99. And since the day of its launch until the end of September this year, the company has reportedly managed to sell 7.6 million units of the console around the globe. Nintendo also speculates it’ll be able to ship another 9.1 million units by March 2018.

Now if this happens, it would mean that the company could sell as many as 17 million units of its Switch console within a year since its launch. In contrast, Nintendo sold nearly 14 million units of its Wii U console till date, which implies the Switch is on track to become Nintendo’s best-selling console ever.

It’s also worth noting that that Switch is hugely popular even though it isn’t as powerful compared to offerings from Sony and Microsoft. However, it appears that hybrid consoles are still popular among gamers. In fact, a lot of Switch games have appeared consistently on the monthly charts.

Capcom and Nintendo have also joined hands to release more games for the Switch, after the massive success of Ultra Street Fighter II. Some sources even suggest that Capcom might release its highly-lauded Resident Evil series for the Nintendo Switch. Besides, we also know that Metroid Prime 4 expected to arrive on the Switch sometime next year, as well as a new Pokemon game.