Nintendo Co is collaborating with Scrum Ventures from San Francisco to inspect startup companies putting efforts to come up with fresh methods of dealing with the popular gaming console, the Switch of the Japanese company.

The program made functional by Scrum will be having a focus on start-up companies, top technology giants, and also the independent researchers those are coding for latest software to enhance the Nintendo Switch platform, constituting body components, sensory parts, chips, and other tools. Both Scrum and Nintendo are going to source the third party developers the needful helps for introducing products in the market. However, none of the companies are interested in investing directly with the start-up or with the developers.

This move is said to be the exiting process from the regular approach of Nintendo to work with renowned hardware vendors. Upon being selected, tools from these start-up or new companies can be integrated with the products of Nintendo or will be introduced in the market with its brand. The company is primarily in search of distinguishing ideas those can provide a greater gaming experience for the Switch, and assist the device in keeping up with better sales drive. Introduced past one year or more, the console has certainly sparked a swivel at the company and has taken the shares to altogether different level.

The Switch is primarily a tablet that can be used as a television or can be tuned on a roll. It comes with a couple of separable controllers, those are packed with various sensors, which includes; infrared snappers and complex vibration devices. The earlier console of Nintendo, the Wii U, lagged way behind the competitor products from companies like Sony Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. However, the smart move by Switch has strongly speculated that the gaming freaks were actually searching for something the latest device.

Scrum, which is a beginner level venture capital house made it clear that it is going to select teams for working with; prior they explain their ideas to Nintendo. A top official from the company has confirmed that the ideas for software names are not going to be taken in to account. Scrum enjoys incredible link with Japan. In fact, it has introduced a joint venture along Panasonic Corporation to select technologies of the company that could be dealt with the start-up houses. As per a senior executive of the company, their aim always remains at discovering latest and creative technologies that can take the user experience to the next level.