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In America they call it “Pit Bull with Lipstick”. It’s not charm, but if you want to beat Donald Trump (77), you have to bite.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, 51, wants to go to the White House for Republicans. But to run against Democratic incumbent Joe Biden, 81, in November 2024, he must first unseat Trump as the presidential nominee in his own party’s primaries.

Hopeless? Not entirely, because she had powerful support. Billionaire Charles Koch, 88, who has built an empire including cattle ranches and oil pipelines, will back him with his influential right-wing political organization AFP Action – and donate millions of dollars to his campaign.

Billionaire Charles Koch, 88, is donating millions to Haley’s campaign

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“Donald Trump and Joe Biden got a chance,” the group’s website says. “Nikki Haley Will Beat Joe Biden.” To achieve this, Koch’s money is now being used to call millions of voters or go home and send countless letters in support of Haley.

Donald Trump (77) fires back at Haley: “She's a sparrow brain”

Donald Trump (77) fires back at Haley: “She’s a sparrow brain”

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In fact, according to American polls, Nikki Haley would have a clear lead in a direct fight with Biden (up to +14 percent), while a fight between Trump and Biden would be close (+5 percent). “America is never past its prime. “Our politicians are past their prime,” he calls out to his fans.

But Trump is still far ahead among Republican supporters. But Haley can play some trump cards.

► At 51, she is much younger. “A clear majority of voters want freshmen,” the billionaire Koch believes.

► She has an immigrant background and was born in Bamberg (South Carolina) to Indian immigrants.

► After all: Trump has four criminal and several civil lawsuits against him. If he is convicted — for his role in the attack on the Capitol, for example — in March — his endorsement could collapse.

Even her enemies agree with her: she has negotiation skills. He finds flowery words that many Americans love.

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“I’m one of the many military spouses watching their loved ones leave today, and we feel incredibly proud,” she said when her husband, Michael, a National Guard major, was deployed to Djibouti in June for a year.

She was 17 and he was 19 when they met at university. Daughter Reena (25) got married in April and son Nalin (22) is in his final year. Now that her husband is dead, Nikki Haley is running for president. When he returns from an overseas deployment, he wants to be “incredibly proud” of his wife.

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