New Data Breach at OnePlus with Online Store Customers being affected

Chinese cell phone producer OnePlus has endured another information leak…

- 4 months ago

Insider at Cyber Security firm Trend Micro exposes Customers Data

Cyber Security firm disclosed a security breach by one of…

- 5 months ago
Saudi Arabia

Arrest warrant issued for former twitter employees charged with snooping for the Saudi Arabian state

It has been revealed that two former twitter employees have…

- 5 months ago

Czech Police working with Intelligence agency took down Russian Spy ring on its soil

Czech police, in collaboration with intelligence services, have managed to…

- 5 months ago

Ex-Yahoo! Employee Accepts He Hacked 6000 Women’s Accounts To Gather Indecent Content

Reyes Daniel Ruiz, an ex-yahoo! employee has pleaded guilty and…

- 6 months ago

Rajat Grover Coined as One of the Top 10 Indian Ethical Hackers

Rajat Grover, a well-known IT expert and Entrepreneur, is more…

- 6 months ago
fake news

Fake News – A Thriving Business on Indian Social Media

The days that followed a suicide bombing on Indian paramilitaries…

- 6 months ago

SimJacker: A threat to cell-phone safety

The Cybersecurity scholars working at AdaptiveMobile Security have come up…

- 6 months ago

JP Morgan cyber-terrorist confesses

Andrei Tyurin, the Russian hacker behind the JP Morgan cyber-strike,…

- 7 months ago

Chinese APT Group Continues to Remain Undeterred Even After Symantec Exposure

According to recent reports by U.S. Cybersecurity giant, Symantec, during…

- 7 months ago

Attackers using XSS to send malicious script, Indian-based Security Firm, Secfence reveals flaws in NASA website

NASA needs to put in urgent efforts on its patching…

- 7 months ago

Twitter Compromised Yet Again, Jack Dorsey’s Account Slurs Racist Comments

Jack Dorsey’s official Twitter account, was hacked Friday. He is…

- 7 months ago

Fiverr: Freelance Spy Services for Hire

Fiverr is a Freelance website where people can offer their…

- 7 months ago
Air New Zealand


What actually happened? As a result to two staff members'…

- 8 months ago

Twitter negligently shared users data with advertisers without user assent

Twitter has admitted a pensive problem one more time that…

- 8 months ago