Toyota introduced the hybrid version of the popular RAV4 two years back, which is a mid-sized SUV and the car impressed us with mileage number. The RAV4 overtook the Toyota Camry which was the best selling car in the Toyota industry.

The RAV4 is the eight hybrid car from the Toyota and is one of only two SUVs that have on the list for Toyota. According to Toyota’s website, it claims that the new RAV4 will bring a “New level of innovation.” All are impressed with innovation that Toyota has bought into the hybrid version of the RAV4 which includes better gas mileage. The base price of the RAV4 is $33,610 and the driven price is $34,510.

The improved gas mileage of the RAV4 is possible as the engineers have included two electric motors in the hybrid system of the vehicle. The first motor gives extra power to the front wheels and allows the RAV4 to drive up to a certain speed so that it can function in electric mode only. The other electric motor is used for the rear wheels when it is needed. This is determined by the onboard computer system which is present in the vehicle by instructing as per road conditions or use of more power if needed.

This unique feature is best of all worlds as more power and extra traction will be available when it is needed. All the four wheels are hooked up to electric motors and the RAV regenerative breaking ability can be used to recharge the batteries when the brake is applied. This feature is very smooth as when the brake is applied in RAV the SUV slowed down in a smooth way without giving a feeling that brake is applied and it is different from another front-wheel-drive hybrid.

Two years ago, Toyota did a notable change which is in the front of the SUV. This change now looks more grown up and now look like a truck. The look of RAV now resembles like the 4Runner and Tacoma from the front. The RAV got the all-LED headlights and daytime running lights. The new look of RAV attracts all men towards it. The addition of front and rear skid plates make every driver hungry to try the SUV on off-road and to use the vehicle as it has been designed.

The new design of the RAV is the option of the V6 motor as many customers were opting for a 4-cylinder. The 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder motor along with electric motor boost gives an impressive 194 horsepower. It can reach the speed from0 to 60 in 8 seconds. The SUV got a six-speed transmission.  The RAV comes with the 7-inch touchscreen navigation feature, Toyota Entune system and a powerful JBL sound system which includes 11 speakers and a subwoofer in the rear of the RAV4.

The SUV comes with the Toyota Safety Sense package which is a standard feature on the RAV4. The package includes lane departure warning, pre-collision warning with the emergency brake, detection of pedestrian, automatic high-beam headlights and dynamic radar cruise control.