There is a huge version of browsers and it is difficult to keep the track of those numbers. Some of the biggest web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox whose version updates have passed more than 50 times. Firefox now updated its browser with the version number 59 in which it helps all the users starting from the desktop, to Android, to the enterprise and Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon has its own web browser but the update by Firefox bring cheers among the users of Amazon Fire TV. The war between Amazon and Google lead to removing the support for the  Youtube on all Amazon devices. The recent update from Firefox allows Youtube to feature in Amazon Fire TV and other features like syncing. In the update Firefox allow the frequently visited sites to get pinned as a result user will not type the URL of that site again.

Firefox 59 has also a new feature for Android users. It is known as “ Android Assist” and the main objective of this is to replace Google Assistant on your phone. The new Android Assist can help you in searching but it is not better than Google Assistant which can do many more things.

Desktop version update of Firefox 59 allows the user to enjoy many optimizations and improvements related to privacy and tracking. Mozilla is also going to start its own beta program for Firefox Quantum for Enterprise spin which aims to compete with Google Chrome supremacy in the market.