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New Strategy in Ukraine War: Drone Strikes Against Russia


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Rumors swirled last week that Ukraine's army chief was about to be sacked. Now he is calling for a review of the war.

KYIV – Ukrainian army chief Valery Zalushnyj has laid out his vision for a new military strategy in Ukraine's war against Russia. In his article he acknowledged that Ukraine was at a disadvantage compared to the occupiers when it came to weapons and personnel. He called for a rethink of the war against Russian aggression and advocated increasing the production and use of drones.

Strategy shift in Ukraine war: Army chief emphasizes advantage of drones

His war tactics were recently reported on American television CNN According to the report, Ukraine should focus on developing unmanned and advanced technologies. According to Salushnyj, drones will not only help increase the effectiveness of warfare, but also promote warfare with fewer interactions. This may ultimately reduce the number of victims. “Remote control of these assets means fewer soldiers will be harmed, thereby reducing the number of human casualties,” the Ukrainian military chief wrote.

According to Zalushnyj, the Ukrainian war at sea could also greatly benefit from drones, as they cover the entire operational area at sea “with greater efficiency and less risk to personnel.” In addition, drones make it possible to effectively eliminate not only surface and sea targets, but also the entire coastal infrastructure.

Ukraine war undersupply: Kiev must reverse war

Regarding the use of drones in the war in Ukraine, the commander said: “They provide real-time information, which allows to adjust the fire around the clock and without interruption.” This means that Ukrainian troops can attack enemy targets. Attack in forward positions and in depth with high precision. It also makes it easier to surprise the enemy's infrastructure.

According to the military chief, Ukraine needs to further reduce its military strategy and aid from international allies. Expect them to reduce their support for Ukraine in its war against Russia. For example, in America, there is wrestling Joe Biden It has been funding more military aid to Ukraine for months, the actual budget for which has already been used — but Republicans in the US Senate are blocking new aid packages.

“Ammunition for our allies' missiles, air defense interceptors and artillery is low, not only because of the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine, but also because of the lack of global propellant payments,” Zalushny wrote in his article.

Kiev is at a personnel disadvantage compared to Russia: The Ukraine war is a challenge for Zelensky

In addition to weapons and ammunition resources, the Ukrainian side is now once again struggling with the number of personnel in its own army. Salushnyj also emphasized in his article that Ukraine is not in a position to increase the number of armed forces available for war against Russia. At least President Zelensky did not resort to “unpopular measures” to recruit more soldiers to the army.

This issue is considered very controversial in Ukraine. In December, President Zelensky considered forcing conscientious objectors who had fled abroad, but ultimately decided against it. For the New Year, electronic collection notices, jail terms and fines should ensure more recruitment.

New demands in Ukraine war at an inopportune time: Salushnij in conflict with President Zelenskiy

Zalushni's article comes amid rumors that he may resign. On Monday night (January 29), anonymous Telegram channels circulated news that Salushnij would soon be removed from his post as army chief. The channels are believed to have links to the presidential office and Ukrainian lawmakers, the Ukrainian newspaper reported. Kyiv Post.

Commander of the Ukrainian Army Valery Salushny (July 28, 2022) Kyiv, Ukraine
Valeriy Zalushny, the commander of the Ukrainian army, has an opportunity for a new strategy in the Ukrainian war. This can result in substantial losses. (archive image) © IMAGO/Ukrainian Presidential Press Off

Rumors of a rift between Ukrainian President Zelensky and Commander Salushny have been circulating since late 2023. They were sparked when a column and interview appeared in a British newspaper on November 1. Economist were published. There, Salushnij explained, the two warring parties had now “reached a technical level”.

New weapons in Ukraine war: Kiev relies on robots in fight against Russia

Like an information site Security Express According to reports from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the country's military is currently increasingly using various ground robotic platforms on the battlefield in the war in Ukraine. Both small robots are used for mining areas and for larger systems such as THeMIS robotic platforms. These can be used to transport equipment and ammunition and are also suitable for evacuating wounded soldiers.

According to the report, it is also known that the Ukrainian soldiers are using the combat robot “Ironclad” in combination with the remote-controlled weapon station “Shaplia” from the company Roboniers. “In general, these systems are interesting because we don't put our personnel in too much danger,” Colonel Volodymyr Silenko, commander of the 30th Prince Constanti Ostrogsky Regiment, told the channel in an interview. Army TV According to Silenko, the number of such systems in the army should be increased and improved. In particular, he points to the possibility of increasing the range of such weapons. (Fabian Hartmann)

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