Naughty Dog pretty much redefined the survival horror genre thanks to the massive success of The Last of Us, launched back in 2013. The developer has already confirmed its plans to launch a sequel, though details about the game’s forthcoming installment remain rather thin until now.

Though at the PlayStation’s Paris Game Week, Naughty Dog gave us our first proper look at the jarring world of The Last of Us: Part II. To everyone’s surprise, the new trailer does not show either smuggler Joe or the teenage girl Ellie, who were the main protagonists in the first installment. Instead, what we see are several new characters along with a completely jarring look at the world of Naughty Dog’s GOTY franchise.

The publisher did mention that gamers would find an older version of Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2, but the game’s new teaser offers a completely different feel with no clues as to where might Ellie be in the upcoming game. Instead, the trailer shows us a new character, Yara, entangled in an intense battle with group of infected alongside her friend Lev. They do manage to escape without many bruises, but the teaser leaves us with more questions than answers, along with plenty of theories. Check out the trailer below:

Back in December 2016, Sony also showcased a 4-minute announcement trailer of The Last of Us Part 2 at its PlayStation Experience event. The announcement did show Ellie, who is 19 years old now, and revealed her plans to ‘kill every one of them’. The announcement trailer further indicated that Ellie becomes the main protagonist in the sequel, while Joel becomes more of a supporting character.

Naughty Dog director Neil Druckmann also shared as to what fans can expect of the upcoming sequel. Interestingly, he revealed in a panel discussion that while the first title focused on love, the next one is more to do with hate. He also confirmed that Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the original game’s sound, would be making his return for The Last of Us 2 as well.

There’s no word on the game’s exact release date yet, though rumor has it that The Last of Us: Part 2 will release on the PS4 sometime in 2018.