Google today announced the launch of a new app that promises to end our data woes forever. Named Datally, the app is aimed at optimizing our data resources by providing a detailed viewpoint of how our data is getting utilized, which includes details as to which app is consuming how much data, when is it being consumed the most and so on.

Further, the app will also provide the means to control your data usage in precisely the manner you would like it to be. That includes the ability to limit your data for a particular app if needed, or for all apps save for the one currently in use. For the latter scenario, the app provides for a single button hitting which will let you channelize your data on only the active app.

In its quest to help us save on our data costs, Datally is also designed to educate us on ways to save data based on our usage style. Similarly, it will also inform us of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots to tap into to further save on data costs.

Google justified the launch of the new Datally app claiming it is designed to help users in those countries where data comes at a premium. The new app is also as per Google’s new ‘Next Billion Users’ initiative where it is aiming to reach out to a hitherto untapped segment of users in the developing and emerging sectors who are likely to make do with low-end smartphones with limited hardware capability and aren’t as solvent to afford expansive data plans.

Elaborating further, Josh Woodward, the product manager dealing with Datally said their move to come up with the app is the outcome of a worldwide recce they conducted to find out more about how people in different parts of the world use their devices. Among everything else, the one aspect that seems to hit them the most is the often extreme measures users adopt to save on data.

As Google explained, the attempts to save on data costs was felt most in cities like New Delhi, Lagos, and Buenos Aires where people were often found keeping the phone in ‘Air plane’ mode to shut out all data. Datally seems to be built for these people as it provides for a more elaborate means of controlling data usage. In fact, the app has already been use in Philippines since summer where it has gone for more than 500,000 downloads and helped save 30 percent data on average.

However, Google also warned the app might have an adverse impact in the overall smartphone experience as many apps won’t refresh as frequently at it needs to do. Plus, notifications aren’t likely to be send as often as needed, which might lead to delayed response from the user in some instances, like when answering to a chat message.

Datally is right now available for download from the Play Store is compatible for all devices running Android 5.0 or higher.