Apple Inc., one of the world’s most leading smart device developers, is planning to transform the way people usually use the iPhones entirely. As claimed by the latest reports, given by Bloomberg News, Apple is going to change the complete look and functionality of the iPhone model with the arrival of the next-gen iPhone 8. By introducing new gesture controls as a substitute to the home button and a taller screen with a curved corner, Apple is on the verge of completely changing the way people used to see and use iPhones.

Currently, Apple is gearing up to launch three new iPhones including this year’s flagship – the iPhone 8 alongside two updated variants like iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. On 12th September. iPhone 8, which is the newest high-end device, is believed to come with enough alterations and modification alongside this biggest-ever iPhone update. With a crisper screen that represents the objects with greater clarity, Apple also has been testing the complete removal of the home button with a digital one for supporting new gesture controls for tasks like opening multitasking, moving back to the main app grid and so on.

As stated by Bloomberg News and people who have witnessed the latest leaked image of the next iPhone, Apple has completely eliminated the concept of a home button from the new iPhone alongside some other significant adjustments to the flagship’s screen and display. Instead of seeing the standard iPhone models, Apple with its new design is reportedly going to bring the biggest-yet modification and introduces a device which is deficient in the ‘Home Button’ completely.

Currently, the home button is one of the most crucial features of iPhone, and the design of the iPhone hasn’t altered much since it was introduced in 2007. Currently, users need to tap on the home button for coming back to the starting app panel which greets them multiple times per a day. The home button is also the key to instruct the Siri digital assistant for work over voice command while double click on it is helping to carry multitasking activities where different apps appear on the screen and can be swiped through just like a carousel. But by ditching the Home Button, Apple seems to change the entire manner how people used to draw on iPhones.

As the new leaked teaser revealed, in the forthcoming, high-end iPhone 8, Apple is also planning to introduce a taller screen with curved corners which will give the phone an entirely new look. Moreover, the phone will also have an outline at the top edge of the display for accommodating the front-facing camera and sensors, alongside a new antenna location.

Earlier, several reports revealed Apple testing various features and designs which often differ from the final release of the device. As Apple is yet to confirm this news officially, nothing can be said assuredly.