CIA Senior Collection Analyst David Clopper has created a three board game since 2008 which is specially designed to test the agency’s employees. These games are said to be the secret games, but recent public showing and a Freedom of Information request led to the release of the game to the public.

Two bats Gaming was able to download the game information and sort all the paperwork which includes rulebooks, board design, card graphics and many more in order to create the board game. Sam Machkovech write on Ars Technica about the games and said that he has played the game at SXSW under the Clopper’s supervision. They decided to create one which will be called as Collection and they had to rebuild the game’s assets from scratch which is no small feat.

The collection is said to be the co-operative game which has players that could manage the multiple international crises and ask players to work together against the threats. The collection is all about people who all are working together to constantly battle with a crisis which becomes overwhelming and it focuses on dictators than diseases.

According to Clopper, “This game is really about the value of collaboration. We saw [game sessions] where people took the time to talk to one another, talk about your [individual] capability, how we can work together, or thought ahead, strategized, ‘I go first, you go next.’ They tended to win. The tables where someone would go on their own and do what they wanted, or do their own thing, or didn’t collaborate until too late, they couldn’t catch up to the crises. It was a simulation of what we do, but also teaching the importance of working together.”

Two bats see that the game is fun and the theme is not as it is in a commercial product. It is bit unbalanced but the course which is going to be differences with the games that we play is due to the training tool. The recreation is not still released to the public till now but Two Bats Gaming said to all gamers about the future release of the game which is believed to be on the way.

Two Bats Gaming said in one of the YouTube comment that, “We’ve been discussing the legalities with a number of relevant parties, We’ll be releasing an update on the release of the print & play files later this week. Hold tight, good news on the way.”

They added by saying that if the game does not get released to the public, then it will definitely have some changes in the game in order to make it more accessible to the public. This game specially designed to test the CIA employees and not to provide fun and entertainment.