The Nintendo Switch, which is the seventh video game console developed by Nintendo. The switch still doesn’t have Netflix app for some reason. The Switch is a perfect console, which you will be using for Netflix app.

The Nintendo Switch is currently the hottest thing in the world, with a number of hybrid functions. The Switch offers both handheld play and home console play. One can imagine using this Switch to watch movies or some series about latest crime and drama during the long journey. It is like a perfect media player for all, still, it does not have Netflix app in it.

Netflix, which is the most popular streaming app in the world make the user scratch their head as the app is not available in the Switch. According to Netflix VP of device partnership Scott Mirer, the video was not the first priority for Nintendo during the launch. Mirer said that Nintendo was more focused on gaming and this focus may change in the near future.

Mirer said in a tweet in January that, Netflix account is constantly exploring the opportunities with Nintendo for the Streaming in Switch. It is not difficult to create a Netflix app for the switch. It is seen that the machine is easy to work and Netflix is already on every platform like TVs, Phones, Tablets, Gaming consoles.

Nintendo being a gaming company is more focused on providing better games to users. The Switch also won some awards for the game like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and many more. The Switch is proving its worth in game zone, but now Nintendo is finding some time to include Netflix app in its Switch which will make the Switch a better console.