Kodi which is a name of an open source video streaming app which makes it possible for users to watch all the movies and TV shows without paying for the same. Kodi is a legal app but the plugins that you download are not.

Set TV company offers about 500 channels of premium class content at just $20 per month. Despite this, the channel does not get any good revenue stream and it it is showing the unauthorized content from the broadcaster like Disney, NBC, and other channels.

A lawsuit has been filed against the Set TV channel in the state of California this past week which reveals that the Set TV is offering its customers some unauthorized content which is from networks of NBC and Disney.  It is not clear about the Set TV that it is offering content from Amazon and Netflix but the two giants also joined hands with other broadcasters to fight against the copyright infringement. The lawsuit which is filed against the channel claims about $150,000 for each piece of stolen content. If this is proved against the channel then the channel will liable to pay about hundreds of millions of dollars.

The main goal of the broadcaster is said to be not about the copyright violation but they want to shut the channel down. If they could shut the channel down then it will be a very stern message for those all who want are planning to set up a channel like this or have a channel like this. The revenue that was created by sites like Set TV would be taken up with server costs and other expenses also.

The Set TV is said to be not offering the content from Amazon and Netflix but it is now the best interest of the Amazon and Netflix to join with other giants to fight against it. The original series like The Grand Tour and Stranger Things are likely to end up on a download site. The original series of Amazon and Netflix used to appear on download sites or pirated streaming app.

The argument which arises due to this lawsuit has made one favor for Set Tv like a channel. There is no channel in which a user can access a wide range of services in a single place. Customers prefer this type of channel as if there is another channel who have same offerings as Set TV then they must not be charging their users a minimal price which Set TV was giving at just $20 per month.

The availability of TV shows and Series On the internet has been creating a problem for Hollywood for some time now but the progress in this matter is slow. Channels like Set TV which gets dragged to the court but we should not forget that there are other hundreds of channels like this which don’t get dragged to the courts.