One of the biggest selling points of the latest Moto range of smartphones are their mods, or compatible accessories that let your smartphone take on different and varied roles. Take for instance the latest Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod that can make the Moto Z nothing short of a fully functional Polaroid camera.

As with every other mod, the Polaroid Mod too snaps on the back of the Moto X via magnetic connectors. Also, it is pretty humongous even for a snap-on accessory that are designed to be taken on or off according to your need. So once it is on, it will make the otherwise sleek and slim Moto Z appears plump and substantial.

However, much of the additional mass has to do with the actual printing of the images, besides sharing them as well to your various social circles. The mod does not have any lens of its own. Rather, a circular cut-out will let the phone’s own camera to do the actual capturing of the images.

That again isn’t too bad given that the phone’s native dual rear cam does a good job already. That said, the mod could have done with an additional lens to further augment the capabilities of the phone’s rear cam even though that would have also added to the cost and weight of the mod. Maybe that could have been a slightly more upmarket offering for those who’d like it, with the current version serving as a more affordable option.

Coming to the Polaroid Mod again, the mod can print out 2 x 3 inch sized photos, which it does using ZINK technology. You also have the option to add fun filters before printing, which is another cool feature. Also of course the mod comes with the option to share digital copies of your clicks across social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

Motorola said topping up with Zero-Ink paper is easy too once you run out of it. The paper also comes with an adhesive back, so you easily stick them where you want post printing.

So if the above seems like what you have been waiting for, prepare to shell out the $199.99 that the mod comes for. However, the mod is only available in white color option right now.