Most shoppers hate waiting in line, but many are gladly waiting for this Florida Publix cashier.

Most grocery store shoppers avoid the long checkout lines, but at the Publix location in South Tampa, FloridaShoppers take the opportunity to join the line if it means they can see their favorite cashier.

“It’s my favourite,” Publix client Jaime Duran Fox said 13 Treasurer Gloria Weatherlock Blue. “I’m always on her side. She’s the best.”

Blue has been in Publix in Britton Plaza for 12 years now and has built a relationship with clients who have made them come to this store just to see her specifically.

“Ms. Gloria is the reason we came to the Brighton Plaza Public,” said shopper Melissa Sullenberger.

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Publix cashier Gloria Withlock Blue spoke with Fox 13 about how customers don’t mind waiting in her checkout line. (Fox 13)

Her husband, Steve, added: “We got our daughter somewhere else to go to work and we came here because of her.”

Font in Publix

Line shapes in checkout log from Publix Gloria Withlock Blue chest. (Fox 13)

The outlet reported that Blue’s exit line could hit the aisle because of how much people love her.

“I think I make a lot of people happy. How kind I am. How respectful I am. I just love people. Period,” Blow said.

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I noticed that Shoppers come to her checkout line “because they know they’re going to get good customer service.”

Blue only works on weekends at the grocery store and spends other days at work nurse assistant At a local hospital. She said she doesn’t see herself leaving a Publix job anytime soon, and will be working there “until I can’t do it anymore.”

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“Miss Gloria is a one-of-a-kind character,” Steve Arevalo, assistant store manager at Publix, told Fox 13 of Blue. “It’s a very special kind of special.”

Publix cash register line

A cashier at Publix Gloria Withlock Blue checks in on a customer. (Fox 13)

“I love my job,” Bleu said.

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Publix has more than 1,300 grocery stores, the majority of which are located in Florida. It’s one of the most popular grocery stores in the country based on revenue, coming in at number seven in the United States, according to

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