“Moscow” sinks: father of slain sailor – Russia investigates politics abroad

When the ship sinks “MoscowOn April 14, Dmitry Schreiberts, 43, lost his son Egor, 20, who was forced to work on a ship mockery. He too lost hope Vladimir Putin (69)

Since the death of his son, the father has repeatedly published articles critical of the Kremlin – and now Russian authorities have launched an investigation against him.

Schreibert continues to write on the Russian social network VK about his frustration with everything he thinks about his country’s government after the sinking of the glorious Moscow of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Sailor Igor Schrebets (20, right), son of Dmitry Schreibert (43), died in the sinking of “Moscow”.Photo: Private

Because: he and other relatives of the slain sailors have been lying continuously since April 14.

Officials sometimes said the ship was not used by professional soldiers and forced occupants, and that the ship sank after catching fire due to bad weather, and no one was killed in the sinking.

At regular intervals, Schreibert writes of his frustration on the Russian social networking site VK, for example, when asked about Putin's image,

At regular intervals, Schreubets writes of his frustration on the Russian social network VK, for example, about Putin’s image: “Who is the liar here?”Photo: Dimitriz Schreibert / VK

Dozens of sailors who were not brought ashore after the sinking of the ship are listed as missing. Although they no longer have any hope of recovery, the Kremlin refuses to admit that the ship was killed after Ukrainian Neptune missiles hit it.

Egor’s father, Screbets, now writes about these lies online – even though he was one of Putin’s supporters before the war in Ukraine.

“The worst thing that could have happened to a father happened to me. I lost my son,” Dimitri Schreibert tells BILD. “I am not afraid of anyone. I write the truth and will continue to do so.

But in today’s Russia this fact has no place.

So Screbets has now received a visit from the police. He searched the house and confiscated the computer.

They accuse me of making a bomb threat. This is a completely absurd accusation, ”said the father. “It has never occurred to me to do something like this. It’s easy to prove my innocence. However, everyone knows that there is more to it than just the investigation into the alleged bomb threat.

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