Mojang assures players that Minecraft NFT will not happen

Minecraft developer Mojang has let his community know where he stands when using NFT with his game and platform after receiving requests for further communication on this topic from the community. They are currently working on updating their usage guidelines, but wanted to let everyone know early NFTs and blockchains Not allowed in Minecraft, and use of in-game content to create NFT is prohibited.

in their own Blog post In detail their position on the use of Controversial cryptocurrency And like, they say this is because NFTs create a sense of scarcity and exclude players who don’t want to pay for them. They say they want every player to have access to all of the content within Minecraft at all times and to feel safe and included when playing the game. The developers feel that these kinds of practices will transform Minecraft from being a game about enjoying your time with friends to a platform that relies solely on capitalizing on these sales.

There is also the matter of putting that kind of power in the hands of unreliable people. If the asset manager randomly disappears, the owner of his NFTs completely loses the items he purchased and cannot access them. The inflated and potentially fraudulent pricing of NFTs also prompted Mojang to take this stand against it on its platform. While creators can make money from content created within the Minecraft Marketplace, this is an area where Mojang can keep a close eye on these types of transactions.

The blog post notes that they will be paying close attention to the evolution of blockchain technology to see if it will turn down a path the developer feels can be safe, inclusive, and reliable for Minecraft players, meaning that if things change, there are likely to come into the game in the future. As of now, NFTs and anything associated with them are banned from Minecraft.

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