Missile from Russia flies towards Poland – Air Force on alert

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Russia's Air Missile Hits Poland It's not the first time Ukraine's neighbor has drawn attention.

Warsaw – Poland has alerted the country's air force by sending warplanes towards the Polish border. Russia fired a missile into Ukraine on Wednesday morning (February 7) in a barrage – apparently headed for the Polish border in between. Eventually, however, it changed direction and hit Ukrainian soil like a news portal Newsweek reported.

Poland's military warns people about noise: jets on standby

The Polish Armed Forces said through intelligence that Ukraine's NATO ally has since initiated “all necessary procedures to ensure the security of Polish airspace”. Newsweek. Polish military warns of high noise pollution due to take-off South-eastern parts of the country are particularly affected.

The missile, which was allegedly headed for Poland, may have been part of a series of Russian missile strikes in several parts of Ukraine on Wednesday morning. Ukrainian authorities reported explosions in the capital Kyiv, the Kharkiv region, the town of Drohobych in Lviv, western Ukraine, and the southern city of Mykolaiv. About 20 Russian missiles near Kiev were shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, according to Serhii Babko, the head of the military administration of the capital Kiev. Newsweek.

Worried about Russia's missiles: Poland to deploy fighter jets as early as 2024

Poland sent fighter jets to the border earlier this year. At the time, the Russian military launched one of its largest airstrikes on Ukraine. At the time, Russia bombarded the Ukrainian capital Kiev, its environs and the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine with dozens of missiles and drones. At least one of these rockets was briefly in Polish airspace. According to reports from Kiev, Russia launched 99 “missiles of various types”, of which 72 were shot down. At least four people were killed, according to Ukrainian officials. It was reported at the time that 250,000 people in the capital region were without power dpa.

Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 52+ fighter of the Polish Air Force.  (thumbnail)
A Polish Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 52+ fighter. (thumbnail) © IMAGO/Björn Trotsky

In November 2022, a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile fell on the Polish village of Przewodow near the Ukrainian border, killing two people. The incident occurred while Russia was bombing several cities in Ukraine. At the time there were initial fears that it was a Russian missile and that NATO could be drawn directly into the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Worries about Russia – Poland isn't the only one preparing: NATO is also launching major maneuvers

Especially since these incidents, the European Union and NATO member Poland have been closely monitoring airstrikes against its neighbor Ukraine. “We would like to inform you that intensive long-range aviation activities of the Russian Federation are observed, which are related to the conduct of attacks on Ukrainian territory,” the Polish operational command wrote in January after Russia launched attacks on Kiev at Platform X. and Kharkiv. Poland confirmed from NATO radars that missiles from the Kremlin were in Polish airspace.

NATO is also preparing for a possible conflict with Russia. Since early February, the biggest NATO maneuver in decades, “Steadfast Defender,” has been underway. According to NATO information, the military exercise, which has about 90,000 soldiers, is intended to test the possibility of a Russian attack on allied territory in the event of an emergency. So the main maneuver will last until the end of May. All 31 allied nations and candidate country Sweden are participating in the four-month military exercise. (bg/dpa)

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