Miles Garrett Calls Sitting “A Misunderstanding”

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Brown boss Kevin Stefanski off the bench defensive end Miles Garrett to start Saturday’s game against the Saints. Stefanski called it a “collective thing,” without elaborating.

Jarrett blamed Friday, saying it was a “misunderstanding” surrounding his absence from training for two days last week due to illness.

“I suspect It was a misunderstanding At the end of the day,” Garrett said Friday, via Chris Easterling of Akron Beacon JournalBut, I mean, that’s what happened and he should respect how he feels about the situation and his judgment.

Garrett missed the first series against the Saints, who went three times to start the game. He played only 36 of 54 defensive snaps.

“That was the coach’s decision based on what happened during the week, and I respect his decision,” Jarrett said. “I was sick, and I didn’t communicate well enough.”

Jarrett said it was the first time the team had disciplined him. . . And the last time.

“I don’t expect anything like this to happen again,” Garrett said.

Garrett has 13.5 sacks with a chance to make All-Pro for the third consecutive season. He has already earned his fourth Pro Bowl in six seasons.

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