Mike Tomlin on George Pickens: We are committed to his growth as a man and a football player

Steelers wide receiver George Pickens was a major topic of conversation at head coach Mike Tomlin’s news conference on Wednesday.

Pickens told reporters on Tuesday that Did not prevent Jaylen Warren went on tour last Saturday because he didn’t want to get injured, and he said he believes the media singled him out during a frustrating season for the entire team. Tomlin said Wednesday that he wished Pickens would be “more professional about addressing his flaws with you guys” because he’s “not helping himself” with comments similar to the ones he made this week.

“When you’re winning and you’re doing your job, a lot of attention goes into things like that,” Tomlin said. “When you don’t do your job and you lose, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and understand that this is tracking a certain type of interest as well. And usually this is eagle-like interest.

Tomlin said he and Pickens meet regularly and broadly described Year 2 as “very much a work in progress” that is “growing in a lot of ways in terms of football and life.” He said the team is committed to Pickens’ growth as a man and a football player.

“He has talents, and we want to take advantage of them,” Tomlin said. “He’s in a huge state of growth and development, but it would be the same if we won games or if he said things to you guys yesterday. Maybe you guys are gone, but that couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable about this process he’s going through. It’s ongoing and it’s ongoing and it will continue to be “It requires our attention.”

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Tomlin said any actions that might be taken regarding Pickens’ actions are not something he “will discuss with you guys” and confirmed that Pickens will be in the lineup against the Bengals this Saturday for what the Steelers hope will be a more positive day on the field.

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