Google’s Pixel smartphone has many good features but the smartphone has some limitations too. The Pixel smartphone lacks diversity in style and price. The smartphone got an optimal user experience on Android platform and it includes the presence of timely and reliable software updates which might be available for an extended period. The only problem it has is its price and the cost of the phone is at $650 and many users hesitate to buy this. The phone is the premium flagship model of the company and the price is fixed according to the same.

According to the report from the Economic Times, Google is now working on a mid-range Pixel smartphone and the smartphone is set to roll out by summer. The main focus of the Google initially is on the price of the phone on price-sensitive markets like India. The company is steadily expanding their role in hardware manufacturing and the launch of midrange Pixel phone will not be any surprise for the customers. This step by the company may make their presence felt in the market.

Google Pixel has much more than the sum of its parts. Google may sell its smartphones but in reality, the company is selling the Google ecosystem in the form of a smartphone. It is selling a software-centric user experience which gives you advantages with respect to other Android devices which can never match these advantages. The main aim of the Google is to to make an Android phone which will keep you online and make you use its services as much as possible. Presently, Google is trying to make you hooked with Google Assistant which is the main focus of the company. This is called as the “post-OS era” and this era is the question about what operating system is used which takes you back to virtual assistant that you allow into your life.

Google Pixel is designed to give a vessel for the Google’s vision platform and its services which will take center stage and shine. It is the mutually beneficial arrangement made by Google for you and it is said to be best-in-class setup which will provide all the business benefits. Google always wanted to give its users a wide range of experience at an affordable price. This led to selling and marketing of its smartphones and the launch of Pixel program with wide range of options may be proved a  disaster for the company.

The announcement of the midrange Pixel smartphone may not be a surprising development for many. This will represent the beginning of the whole new phase in a form of massive, multipart effort and it considers as the broad canvas which is slowly getting filled in and one little corner at a time. The question arises here is when will be the Google midrange Pixel smartphone will come to market and users can get a hand on it.