Microsoft starts rolling out its Seeing AI app, which essentially helps the visually impaired get a feel of the world around them. For now, the app is only available on Apple’s App Store and can be downloaded free of cost.

The Seeing AI app uses the smartphone’s camera to identify things in the user’s surroundings. It has the ability to detect people, their emotions, as well objects. Thereby detailing important information for blind folks to get a feel of what’s going around them.

Back in March, Microsoft showed off a prototype of its Seeing AI app at its BUILD conference which looked rather promising. Starting today, the app is available free of cost for iOS users in the US. That said, there’s still no official word as to when it arrives on Android and other countries across the world.

The application gets equipped to understand certain complex scenarios. For instance, not only does it have the ability to recognize people that it has seen before, but also understands emotions and can even detect age.

In addition, it can also scan barcodes and identify household items, read and scan a document.

Moreover, it knows the US dollar bill which essentially means the app can be used to identify different currency bills. This should come in real handy for the visually challenged and help them identify different dollar bills, given the fact that all dollar bills roughly have the same size and color scheme.

The Verge notes that the app uses neural networks to identify its surrounding environment, much like the technology deployed in self-driving cars, drones and more.¬†Also, the app’s primary functions do not require any internet connection or data usage.

That said, Seeing AI app’s complex features, such as narrating an entire scene or identifying handwriting and currency bills, do require a stable internet connection to work and sync with the cloud.