Microsoft claimed for the “counterfeit software”, has sentenced Eric Lundgren to 15 months in prison. After he was pleaded guilty in this case, the interview with him which was published earlier today shows that he puts the blame directly on the Microsoft Company. He says that the company is protecting its profit margins which are made from selling Windows rather than concentrating on the piracy.

As per a blog post by the company which says to avoid the misconception about the software which was promulgated in the court. The blog says, “We are sharing this information now and responding publicly because we believe both Microsoft’s role in the case and the facts themselves are being misrepresented.”

The misconception which was prevailed over Lundgren’s crime and it led him to the jail is about counterfeiting the software with a license to operate the same software. Without any details, the company keeps on saying in the court about the Lundgren and his attempt to sell the entire licensed operating systems but the discs that were recovered from him shows that it is just a recovery disc that any user, manufacturer or refurbisher have and can be burned for free or can get the download. Lundgren was selling them to repair shops for a quarter so the shops will provide the same to the people who need this software.

Microsoft is disagreeing about this and as per Shaw, he said in a post that, Mr. Lundgren’s scheme is simple and easy. He was counterfeiting the Windows software in China and was importing the same to eh the United States. He sells the software to the refurbisher community in a way as if it is legal, licensed copy of Windows. The evidence that was collected against him shows that he used his knowledge about the PC recycling community in order to scam every community that he claimed to champion and tried to evade the law. Shaw said that if he is really helping the community then why did he set up a whole counterfeiting production center in China.

The core issue of the case was to value the software that Lundgren was attempting to distribute. Lundgren and an expert said that the value for it was totally zero and it is because due to the arguments about the actual value of the software which is present in the license in order to use the software and not to restore the software itself.

Lundgren had been pleaded guilty by the court for copying the looks of the Infringing Dell’s trademark into its discs. The value that was set by the Microsoft convinced the judges that those discs amount to a total of $700,000 and this led directly to the 15-month sentence.

There is still a dispute in the community about paying $25 fee to Microsoft for a fresh license but for this debate, Lundgren’s was sentenced to about 15 years in jail.