Microsoft suffered a severe blow when ‘Consumer Reports’ removed ‘Recommended’ ratings that was given to the company’s Surface range of laptops and tablets. The consumer advocacy group says that recommended ratings were withdrawn for the Surface range after it received a barrage of complaints from its subscribers about the reliability of these devices.

In response to this setback, Microsoft Devices vice president Panos Panay has published a blog post titled ‘We behind Surface’, in which he clearly refutes Consumer Reports findings.

“While we respect Consumer Reports, we disagree with their findings. Surface has had quite a journey over the last few years, and we’ve learned a lot. In the Surface team we track quality and constantly, using metrics that include failure and return rates – both our predicted 1-2 year failure and actual return rates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are significantly lower than 25%,” wrote Panay in an official blog post.

He further goes on to say that consumer ratings for its Surface range is very high in the company’s own ratings and surveys, adding that nearly 98 percent of Surface Pro 4 users and Surface Book users have expressed their satisfaction with these devices.

“We are proud of our products and the amazing things our customers are doing with them. We stand firmly behind the quality and reliability of the Surface family of devices, and I can confidently tell you there has never been a better time to buy a Surface”, added Panay in the blog post.

Panay also notes that Microsoft keeps a track of incidents per unit, a parameter that has shown perpetual growth and currently at a record low of less than 1 percent.

Its also worth noting that Consumer Reports has pulled recommended ratings of all Surface devices that Microsoft has released so far this year, which includes the Surface Pro, Surface Book, as well as the Surface Laptop. Last year, CR also pulled recommended ratings of the Apple MacBook Pro after receiving numerous reports and customer complaints regarding MacBook Pro’s fluctuating battery life.