Microsoft is all set to introduce tabs in Windows 10 that is aimed at grouping together all apps that you might be working on for a particular project. Or in other words, Sets, as it is named, will serve as the placeholder where you can place a diverse range of apps all of which you might have worked with to complete a given project.

The benefits of the above is manifold in that Sets will provide users to get started with a project right away, providing access to all the apps that they might need to get along with the task. Anyone coming back to the same or a similar project will have a head-start given that the system will already know what apps you might need, and will accordingly suggest you the same.

Say for instance, you are on a project that requires you to jot down some details on a Word file, search the net for some details using a browser, and refer to another file on an Excel spreadsheet or other apps and so on. Sets will let you group the files you need in a single place, saving you from launching the files and apps manually.

This way you can have one Sets for your most common tasks, containing the apps that you need most often. In much the same way, you can have several Sets for several projects, say one dealing with media and entertainment and so on.

Microsoft justified Sets claiming the concept will be similar to the way a browser contains the list of sites a user has visited in its history section. In much the same manner, once a user starts with the same or a similar project, the system can suggest the apps it will need to complete the project.

Interestingly, Microsoft has been dilly dallying on implementing the Sets concept for years now, in spite of it being one of the most requested features for Windows 10. However, it could still be sometime before the Sets concept becomes a reality. The company isn’t yet ready to commit to an fixed timeline for Sets to launch though it did said a beta version will initially be made available for testers to give it a try presumably within the next few weeks.

The whole idea will be to let users to get along with their work irrespective of the device they are on, be it a mobile or a PC. Microsoft is hoping to let users of Android and iPhone devices to test the system, and will introduce future changes to it depending on the feedback they receive. Also of course, the same will also be available on PCs given that sets will be integrated right within Windows 10.

Initially, Sets will be introduced to Files Explorer. Microsoft said the core Universal Windows Apps will be next in line to get the tabbed interface before it is made available to all apps running on Windows 10. The latter part might prove to be quite a task for Microsoft considering that it would require the third party app developers to agree to the benefits that tabs brings along.

On the whole, one can expect tabs to be introduced to Files Explorer towards the beginning of next year itself, before it makes it to other apps subsequently.