Tech giant Microsoft has made the first preview build of its upcoming Windows Server, available to the Insider testers on Tuesday, March 20. Dubbed as Windows Server 2019, this upcoming next-generation Windows server will be released as a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) in the second half of the current year.

The next Windows Server LTSC release will also have a corresponding Windows 10 OS release. So, to allow the testers to test the Windows Server 2019 before its release, Microsoft has released the first test build of the upcoming server. Interested testers need to sign up to be the Windows Insiders to test the preview build release. At present Microsoft has scheduled two things for its Windows Server, that is, 10 years of support under LTSC with a release every three years and a Semi-Annual Channel Windows Server with 18 months of support and a release of every six months. Microsoft’s Windows 10 SAC releases as full operating systems but the Windows Server SAC do not release as a complete system. It only supports the Server Core and the container deployments.

Windows Sever SAC releases lack the full desktop experience and hence, they are unsuitable Remote Desktop workloads. But, the Windows Server LTSC release provides this option and is a better and bigger one as compared to the SAC release. Still, Windows 10 SAC release provides the best desktop experience. Coming to the Windows Server 2019, the LTSC release will definitely enhance the Windows 10 OS experience. At present, the Windows Server 2016 has got the LTSC release. According to Microsoft, the admins who want to run SQL Server, SharePoint Server and other workloads should go with the LTSC version of windows server instead of the SAC version.

The Windows Server 2019 LTSC version will be released in the latter half of this year along with the next SAC version of the Windows Server dubbed 1809. The main highlights of the upcoming Windows Server 2019 will be the new Project Honolulu Web-based interface, the integration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux and the entry of the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service. Also, the Linux containers will be able to run on the next version of Windows Server. In the latest release of the preview version of the