Even though Microsoft seemingly appears to have abandoned ship for Windows 10 Mobile. The company, however, has released a new feature for the OS. Apparently, it appears the new feature is something that many users have been wanting for long. Included as a part of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 15235, the new feature allows users to enable ‘portrait’ mode in Continuum.

Microsoft states in the official release note that after hearing feedback from users, they had no choice but to add the feature in Windows 10 Mobile. Though we’d say Microsoft shouldn’t really brag about it given the meager popularity of its mobile OS among smartphone users.

Moving on, the new update allows you to use Continuum in portrait mode. Therefore, you’ll find Continnum now displayed the way it should on an external screen or a portrait oriented monitor.

For now, the feature is only available for Insiders enrolled in the Fast ring. That said, it should be available for all in the upcoming OS release which is expected to roll out by the end of this year.

Windows Insiders can enable this feature by heading over to Settings> System> Display on their handset and change the display orientation to Portrait. Microsoft further adds that once you change the settings, you won’t have to repeat the process as Windows 10 OS will remember the configuration.

“If your phone is connected to a monitor via cable, your phone will ask you to disconnect and reconnect the cable to the external display and press ok to change the orientation to portrait. If your phone is connected to a monitor via Wi-Fi, your phone will ask you to disconnect and reconnect to your wireless display,” explains Microsoft.

Microsoft has pretty much given up on its mobile division. The company recently announced that Windows Phone 8.1 is officially no more as the company won’t be offering any more security or patch updates. Also, it has restricted Windows 10 Mobile to only a handful of devices.