The look of Windows Server 2019 is available through a Windows Insider. The preview programme was launched before the launch of Windows 10’s launch. The next iteration of the Microsoft enterprise-standard server software and the final code will be ship in the later part of the year.

Microsoft has confirmed about the server’s development and release of the client versions of Windows and Office. Windows Server 2019’s beta is tagged with the build number 17623.  The company issue upgrades annually and they are dubbed as “Semi-Annual Channel” or SACs. The less frequent versions as called as “Long-Term Service Channel” or LTSC.

For the Microsoft Office and Windows Server, it got LTSC to distinguish the every-so-often editions which are available as “perpetual” licenses. So, the next edition of Office and Windows Server will be having same “2019” label as both of them have same license rhythm. Windows Server 2019 will be supporting the standard 5+5 scheme which includes five years of “Mainstream” support and “Extended “ support for next five years. This scheme will expire in early 2024 and other in early 2029 respectively.

The director of program management for Windows Server, Erin Chapple said that the company has done some additions and improvements to the product on March 20, 2018. Microsoft will embed its program with Windows Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) technology to the 2019 server so that it can detect the hacking in the system and can act accordingly. ATP will be accompanied by other new tools which include the extending of shielded VM concept of server 2016 and also have the ability to encrypt the network segments between the servers.

Windows Server 2019 will cost more than its other servers. It can be downloaded from the Insider website in .iso or .vhdx formats. The build is available in 18 languages.