When we install the updates on Windows it is always a slow process. Microsoft always forced its users to update the system whether they want to update or not. The updates for Windows 10 is a nightmare for the users as the update take control of the user’s system and the installation process is very slow.

Microsoft is now making this installation process fast by making improvements to its updates. Per Ars Technica in its recent blog post state that the company is changing its way to its Windows updates in near future for performance improvements.  Microsoft is said to be adjusting the labor of Windows Update which will perform in its “online” and “offline “ stage.

The Windows computer downloads the files and installs them in online phase. When the online installation completed, the offline installation starts which makes the computer unusable when the offline updates are going on. The only thing a user can do at that time is to stare the computer helplessly.

Microsoft has said that the company is moving some offline phase of installation to online installation phase, as a result, the time for offline installation decreases.  The update which is scheduled for the month of April 2018 in which it is said by a company that the total time for the offline phase is about half an hour which is 63 percent reduction. The changes that will happen in the month of April indicates that the time will increase in the online phase for updating.

The other competitors of Windows like Linux can handle big updates without rebooting and they don’t lock the system like Windows does during the updates. The company’s decision to make the installation timeless is a welcome move and it is happy to see that Microsoft is putting some effort to bring down the time.