It’s been less than a week that Microsoft launched the latest version of its popular gaming console – the Xbox One X special edition in the United States, and now, multiple reports suggest that the Redmond-based company has backed out from the selling of the original version of Xbox One in the US. Currently, while the 4K-resolution compatible Xbox One X is yet to be billed as the next-generation gaming console in the market.

Since months, it has been reported that Microsoft has already suspended the manufacturing of the original Xbox One, and Microsoft has officially confirmed about the withdrawal of the company from selling the original models of the Xbox One in the US. According to a report by Kotaku UK, Microsoft Store in the UK shows the classic Xbox One as out of stock, while the US store still holds few consoles left for selling; but only as refurbished units, which means the new stock for the original models is no longer available in the stores.

The original Xbox One which was pretty akin to a VCR unit was first introduced some four years ago, on November 22, 2013, in North America. The leap and the fight over the mixed messaging from Microsoft on the Xbox One paved paths to Sony overtaking the Redmond-based tech firm and gain a competitive advantage over the market. However, after six months of launching the original version, Microsoft blocked the price gap by ditching the Kinect sensor from the console and reintroduced it as a newer version. Though the original Xbox One still struggled a lot to go with the sales speed of Sony’s PS4, Microsoft kept refocusing its efforts on developing better games and superior hardware for its expensive gaming console.

Now, as the company has partially confirmed about the shut of classic Xbox One’s sale in the US, it seems towards the progressing approach of the firm to take its new gaming console to the next level. By taking the classic variant out from the market, Microsoft seems trying to drive the attention of the buyers only towards its slimmed-down Xbox One S, which was launched last year and the recently launched, the Xbox One X. However complete confirmation from Microsoft regarding the unavailability of the original Xbox One is yet awaited!