Microsoft is giving its new game Sea of Thieves for free with the buying of Xbox One X from the participating retailers. The sale of the same will commence from March 18th to March 24th, 2018. Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate game of the Microsoft which is coming on next week.

The company has announced that for the limited time, players who are going to buy a new Xbox One X from the participating retailers will be receiving the free digital copy of Sea of Thieves. The cost of the Xbox One X is $500. The Xbox One X is not coming with any bundles, which give players a good opportunity to pick up the most awaited gaming console of 2018.

Microsoft has added Xbox One X promotion with Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle. This bundle includes a 1TB HD, wireless Xbox Controller, full game, bonus free game and a 1 month free trial for Xbox Gold and the Xbox Game Pass. The retail price of the Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle is $299.99.

The company will start promotion from March 18, 2018, and will go on till March 24, 2018. This promotion will be only for a week, and this will give you less time to avail this offer. According to a statement by Microsoft, the dates may vary with respect to regions. The company advises players to check their local retailers about the dates.

Sea of Thieves will be released on March 20, 2018, for Xbox One and PC. The game will be available for the player of Xbox Game Pass on the same day. This a new initiative by Microsoft to bring the first-party releases to the day they launch.