Microsoft has announced to launch its new cloud division for gaming. The move which aims to set the company to enter the game world streaming. The Verge reports said that the Microsoft is building something with the small companies like PlayFab which it acquitted. The company has the basic structure of the cloud streaming offer that could look like Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox is not popular game console with respect to another game console of Sony. With the arriving of Nintendo Switch, which is the advanced gaming console, make the things for Microsoft worse. The Microsoft is already started to build an exciting gaming service called Netflix-for –video-games. The monthly subscription for the service is $10. Any user can subscribe to the service to not only play the game but also stream the gaming experience to any device.

Kareem Choudhry in an interview to the Verge said that “Phil really wanted a dedicated team focused exclusively on the gaming cloud.” Microsoft had formed a team for the cloud division and is ready to talk about the project. Phil Spencer who is now the head of the Microsoft’s Gaming reporting directly to CEO Satya Nadella and the cloud division is headed by Choudhry, who is a 20-year Microsoft veteran.

The aim of Microsoft is to reach 2 billion gamers that are currently present in the World as said by Choudhry. We are working on a platform which can provide content to anyone irrespective of the device they use.

Microsoft is not keen on selling Xbox consoles rather it is developing a cloud-based streaming that could work on any device including Xbox. The game subscription service Game Pass may be one of the Microsoft future cloud gaming product. The company says that the response they got for Game Pass is really amazing and it proves to be a success.