The very next major update for the Windows 10 supposedly would be hitting up sometime in the current month, though one of the questions that are yet to be answered is as to what exactly it would be known as. Most probably there is an answer now. While it is still not yet officially announced, it seems that Microsoft officially has moved on from calling it the Spring Creators Update and would simply instead refer to the very next major release as the Windows 10 April Update.

That is based on a new RTM (Release To Manufacturing) build that Microsoft pushed out recently to all the rings of the Windows Insider program. Otherwise known as the Redstone 4, Microsoft Edge obtains a server-side update in the new build, and when fired up, it loads a ‘welcome’ page hosted on MSN that says, “Welcome to the April update,”

The welcome page basically promotes a few new features of the April Update, such as being able to resume the past activities in the timeline and the ability to share files with the nearby devices. On the basis of what has been tested in the pre-release builds, there would basically be an entire bunch of the other feature additions, improvements and enhancements as well. For an instance, the company rebuilt the Game Bar with an all-new Fluent design UI, it made an addition of a diagnostic data viewing tool to the security and privacy section, and Cortana is pretty easier to use with a new Organizer interface and My Skills tab, in order to name just a few.

While it seems that the technology company has settled down on a name for the initial of two major updates planned for the year 2018, when exactly it would release to the public is not yet known. Microsoft has never announced an official release date. That said, it widely was believed that the tech giant hoped to push the update out on 10th April 2018, but it hit the abort button at the very last minute due to a bug discovery. There have also been many reports that shed light on a second bug causing a further more delay.

One of the few things that the technology company officially has confirmed about the Spring Creators Update/April Update/Whatever Update is it would lessen the offline time than the previous updates. Rebooting still would be a part of the process, but some of the things that were earlier installed during an extended restart now would be installed while the user’s PC is up and running. As a result of which, the Windows Insiders on average have been able to upgrade with 30 minutes of offline time, versus 51 minutes for the Fall Creators Update and 82 minutes for the Creators Update.

The company has replaced the APIs into the upcoming Redstone 5 that would be arriving as Fall Creators update. As Microsoft has included phone-related API again in Windows 10, the rumors are now speculating that a Surface Phone could debut by the end of the current year.

The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL phones were the last flagship phones introduced in the year 2015. Since then, the rumor is speculating on the existence of the Surface Phone. As per some reports, Microsoft’s Project Andromeda may be the highly awaited Surface Phone.