Meta raises the prices of the Quest 2 headphones by $100 next month

The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) is about $100 more expensive, bringing the 128GB model to $399.99 and the 256GB model to $499.99. according to Posted by MetaThe price change for the nearly two-year-old headset will take effect “starting in August.”

As much as I hate to recommend buying things under stress, you should probably act fast if you’re hoping to get your hands on it sooner. It seems likely that the speculators and Their armies of robots It’s about to have a heyday with the models currently on sale at the old price. You can pick them up from places like Mita Official StoreAnd the best buyAnd the AmazonAnd the Jim StopAnd the targetingor Walmart.

This is a huge jump in price for what has been one of the best deals in gaming for years, and it comes at a time when the Meta as a whole has been around Looking to cut fat And start making more money – at the same time Trying to build a business It is centered around people who have access to virtual reality devices. However, the company is offering buyers something to help make the new price easier to swallow: Starting August 1st and continuing for the rest of the year, Quest 2 will come with a free copy of Saber wonIt is a very popular VR rhythm game that usually costs $29.99.

according to DownloadThose looking to save money by Go with the refurbished models You will also have to pay an additional $100 for the basic version and $80 for the version with enhanced storage, paying $349 and $429, respectively.

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In its Tuesday letter, Meta said that “the costs of making and shipping our products are rising.” According to sources I spoke to, edge Reporter Alex Heath, the company does not make money from sales of Quest headphones.

However, it is possible that antitrust regulators accuse Meta of deliberately subsidizing its headphones long enough to drive out competitors who can’t afford it and then raising the price once it becomes dominant in the market. As an example of how popular Quest 2 is among gamers, just take a look at the last month Scan Steam Devices: 49.02 percent of people who use VR with Steam have been playing Quest 2.

Quest 2 has been on the rise since last year.
Diagram: valve

This is, by the way, a headset that does not require a computer to operate, so this number likely isn’t representative of all people who use headphones. Market research firm IDC estimates that Quest 2 accounted for 78 percent of the virtual/augmented reality market in 2021, to me Hindus.

Recent reports indicated That Meta is working on a new slate of VR and AR headsets, some of which are set to be significantly more expensive than the current crop (even with higher prices). company Wasn’t shy About the fact that it’s working on new hardware, but Tuesday’s move may give users pause about buying in its ecosystem. It wouldn’t be good for Mita, who said that All in virtual worlds.

If you are now in a rush to buy one of these headphones before the price increase, you may want to check it out View our video Some of its most useful features.

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