Well, Mercedes-Benz has been a well-known automobile manufacturer and is defined as the undisputed king of Luxurious car manufacturing. But now Mercedes has been focusing more on performance driven cars and as a result of that it showed off the much awaited Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hybrid hypercar in the International Motor show here in Frankfurt. The car was spotted testing quite a few times and it was expected that the company would unveil the hyper car at the upcoming motor show.

Mercedes claimed that the new Project One uses the same technology that is used in its champion F1 racing cars. Well, it sounds like a concept car, but the company has actually planned to manufacture it and sell it in the real world. The price of the car is fixed at a whopping $2.72 million making it one of the costliest cars in the world.

Mercedes-Benz chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche told that Motorsport is not the ultimate thing for them. They develop unmatched technologies from which their vehicles subsequently get benefitted. He also added that they have drawn the experiences and successes from the three constructors’ and drivers’ world championships and as a result, their wish to bring Formula 1 technology from race tracks to the road has been fulfilled through the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.

The hypercar is built around the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 hybrid engine similar to that of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car that he currently uses in the F1 championships. The engine can generate more than 1000 horse power and a reach a top speed of more than 217 mph. The car also possesses an aerodynamic “shark fin” running down its spine which is similar to that of the current F1 car. The engine’s crankshaft is connected to an electric motor that can virtually eliminate turbo lag while generating electricity by using the kinetic energy of the engine. In Formula One circuit, this type of electric motor is called the Motor Generator Unit Kinetic or MGU-K.

The Project ONE ultimately contains a single engine and four electric motors, two of which are present on the front end and hence making it a virtual four wheel drive hypercar. Also, it features an automatic AMG-SpeedShift eight-speed manual transmission. The interiors are also designed keeping F1 cars in mind and you can get to see race-inspired steering wheels and seats inside the car. Although Mercedes is reluctant to reveal the 0-60 mph acceleration time, the company indicated that the Project ONE hypercar could reach to an astonishing 124 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz has announced that only 275 production units will be available for purchase and the car will arrive around 2019. At $2.72 million, the car is meant to exclusively attract uber-rich enthusiasts who already have some of those hyper cars.